URTH (Book, 2022)

The Body-Forest Programme (Spike Island Gallery, 2022)

"At turns an embodied exploration of the fetid sexual mulch and a blood-filled, high-frequency buzz in the ear, filled with elegant horror" 

-Huw Lemmey


URTH is a slippery, hybrid work exploring human and non-human entanglements. Part folk-horror, part camp-gothic, and part post-gentrification city writing, finding the Weird everywhere.

In this damp compost, tongues merge with molluscs, fingernails grow into mandibles and skin peels away to reveal delicate wings. These abject bodies are sites of queer resistance and transformaton, as they devour borders and decentre the human.

Through poetry, prose and Nadia Scola's intricate illustrations, URTH expands our sense of earthly solidarity and kinship, looking towards the boundless horizon of queer ecologies.

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"In this scratchy, euphoric collection, bodies morph and collapse into one another. Flesh melts into soil, fungus creeps across and under the skin. The quivering, vulnerable lyric "I" is unselfed again and again as desire radiates beyond its well-worn channels, finding new ecstasies in queer entanglements with mire and matter, twisting vegetal forms and entities as enticing as they are amorphous and strange. This is The Metamorphosis for an age of zero hour contracts and climate grief, where we smear our face into the dirt just to feel something. But none of these encounters, these exchanges are wasted. 'We are seam-stitched in the seething earth'. In URTH, every body, in joy and terror, becomes something else. In these unmakings, new mouths are opened, speaking obscure and urgent language. Each dissolution creates the possibility of becoming-with"

- Samantha Walton